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More on wisdom, health and balance

More on wisdom, health and balance

Our wisdom is based on the professionalism and long-standing experience of our teachers and trainers, and consistent cooperation with all parties. Communication between parents and the school, trainers and teachers, their exchange of experience within the school and their support for one another lays the foundation for a high-quality and thoughtfully detailed environment.
Audentes values professionals: we create preconditions in order to employ acknowledged specialists who set an example for young people, and inspire their future endeavours. We value personality and inherent talents. We focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary in life by directing our students to discover and perceive the world and gather practical experience by drawing their own conclusions.

We consider comprehensive learning which consists of modernised teaching and training methods and methodologies and uses modern tools very important: we take everything that is good from the old and add in the new. Our staff are open-minded, with broad-ranging knowledge, good communication and analysis skills and a tolerant attitude. A wise person knows his strengths and weaknesses – by developing their strengths people can also learn from their weaknesses and strive to be whole.

We hope that the wisdom, attitude to life, values and self-management skills that students learn at Audentes will help them achieve success in both their professional and private lives.

We consider it is necessary for all people to be healthy and strong and capable of coping with both mental and physical challenges, as well as stressful situations. Healthy people have the energy, alertness and positivity they need to achieve their full potential and develop by daring to experiment with new things and further test themselves. Mental and physical health provides people with the fortitude and belief in themselves which is needed to move forward in life.

Audentes places great value on active lifestyles and taking care of your health. We have established diverse, world-class opportunities so that people can be active and develop their physical potential. We inspire, support and advise our people to contribute to health: athletic lifestyles and ways of thinking allow people to enjoy more active and full lives.

Equality is one of the basic values of mental health and safety that we defend and implement consistently at the intellectual, physical and social levels. In our everyday work it manifests itself through the use of school uniforms up to the full prevention of school bullying and deterrence. We do everything to prevent bullying, violence, crime, the use of prohibited substances, etc. in both school buildings and the sports complex.

We adhere to the principle that knowledge and physical activity must be balanced. A healthy attitude, positive thinking and purposeful action are required in addition to knowledge, skills and physical development in order to succeed.

Audentes prepares young people for their future lives through experience that is both learned and acquired. By providing them with a secure environment and the best conditions, our trainers and teachers constantly work so that students and clients achieve harmony between their mental and physical activities. We bring out the natural talent in people and create preconditions for balanced development.

We value a trustworthy relationship which is the basis for guaranteeing long-term sustained development. Balance between various methods and teaching activities in learning, training and competing – activities that all require skills in using one’s strength and time wisely – helps to create fertile ground for development, self-fulfilment and success.