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US Universities

The US Universities generally accept students on following terms:

  • Universities do not specify IB subjects the student has to take, any combination could be taken for all university courses.
  • Students apply for the university, not for the major.
  • Big scholarships based on merits (these include after school activities, CAS etc) as they are interested in well-rounded people.
  • Students can apply for financial aid.
  • Universities accept or decline students fully on predicted grades.
  • Universities welcome students with various cultural backgrounds, in order to enrich their university atmosphere.
  • Students have to take SAT tests and sometimes also TOEFL tests.
  • Universities give credits to IB students– that mean they can skip up to 1 year.

University of Yale:
Yale awards as many as two acceleration credits (the equivalent of two Yale courses) in certain subjects to students who have received either a 6 or 7 on the higher level examinations. These credits can be applied if the student wishes to graduate early, and the decision to accelerate is made during sophomore year. No acceleration credits are awarded for standard level examinations. Students who score a 6 or 7 on higher level examinations may also use these scores to place into more advanced courses in some disciplines.