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Pre-IB year

Pre-IB year is for students who have graduated the 9th grade and wish to continue in the IB Diploma programme. Pre-IB prepares students for the Diploma programme, giving them an overview and base for all the IB subjects. This way they will have acquired all the necessary skills and get the best results once they have entered the demanding IB Diploma.

Pre-IB is also for older students who wish to continue in the IB Diploma Programme, but do not yet have the necessary English levels or study skills to cope in the IB Diploma.

In the pre-IB year, students go through almost all the IB Diploma subjects on the 10th grade level, which will later make choosing their subjects in the Diploma programme easier.

Pre-IB current courses based on the school syllabus

Groups Subjects
Group 1 Studies in language and literature English
Group 2 Language acquisition Estonian ab initio
Russian ab initio
German ab initio
Spanish ab initio
Group 3 Individuals and societies Student company and Entrepreneurship
Communication and Creative Thinking
Creative Project
Introduction to Theory of Knowledge
Character development
History of Europe
Group 4 Science Biology
Group 5 Mathematics Mathematics
Group 6 Arts Visual Arts