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IB Study in Nature subjects a G4 Project cooperating with a Finnish school

The Group 4 Project is an IB Diploma ten-hour compulsory group study, part of experimental studies of physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. The study brings together nature study students focusing on one theme of research.

Audentese has for three years worked together with the Finnish Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio IB school.
The latest took place involving the IB nature students in March 2016. Thirteen students from our school and twenty-seven from the Finnish school took part.

I In the planning stage 5-6 member teams are needed to pose a question on a chosen theme related to science or technology research. In the process of the work an evaluation has to be made on the environmental, social and technological impact and the limitations in the study area as well as the circumstances which limits the doing the study.

II In the implementation phase the experiment is carried out in accordance with the posed question and planned action where physics, chemistry and biology methods of study are used. Students have at their disposal a rich Vernier data base and arsenal for study which includes a dozen monitors of UV radiation- temperature –light and other factors seen through optical and chemical reactions.

III stage involves the evaluation of self and others, summary and results presentation phase. Students present their research findings, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their study and present the results found.

Thanks to the openness, activeness and cooperation which has become a tradition between the students of the Finnish and our school the project is enriching. Students come to realize that doing research today is not cramming or working in isolation but it can be an engaging, challenging and self-developing teamwork project.

True research can be seen not as work but a life style and a way of living and being. We hope that the cooperation and joint project with the Finnish Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio IB school will continue in the future.