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What is CAS?

As a CAS coordinator I can tell, that this has been the first question I needed to deal with every time I had to introduce CAS to students, parents and teachers. There is no one way how to introduce CAS, this makes it both challenging and fascinating. Just as there is no one way how to introduce it, there is no one how to do it. So to paraphrase the question asked before, I think it is better to ask: “How do we approach CAS in Audentes?” – Tetyana Kasima, previous CAS Coordinator

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is one of the cores of the IB programme. CAS gives a unique opportunity for students to create links between the classroom and the outside world. It gives an opportunity to see what it takes to move from learning to doing.

Like said before, there is no one way or a correct way of doing CAS. There are so many different approaches a student could take. I think that there is no one approach and CAS should be both individual and unique to each student. I believe that students should feel free and enjoy to process, because then it benefits them most, in learning and also finding more about themselves. I often see that students are surprised how capable they really can be. That is the reason I like working with them.

CAS Coordinator