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Consultation hours

Teacher Time
Agata Marzecova Monday 10:00 or 12:00
Ali Zeynalli Friday 16:00–17:00
Andrei Berestovski Friday 8:00–8:30
Anna Kikkas Wednesday 8:15
Anu Petermann Wednesday 8:00
Andrei Apostol Tuesday 12:30
Christopher Segun Anifowoshe Tuesday 13:00–14:30
Dmitri Kartofelev Friday 8:00
Jente de Langen Wednesday 14:15
Jose Maria Rico Mateos Monday 15:50. Online consultation is also possible.
Kristiina Toots Wednesday 9:00
Matthew Altamura Wednesday 9:00–10:00
Rodrigo Preciado Tuesday 10:20
Sandra Peets Friday 12:30
Tanel Peets Wednesday or Thursday 16:00
Thomas Perrot Tuesday 16:15–17:30
Triin Meritam Thursday 12:30
Pille Kivihall Friday 13:00-14:00. Online consultation is also possible.
Piret Bossack Monday 12:00–12:30. Online consultation is also possible.

Contact the teacher to book a consultation at another time.