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At Audentes, you can park your car for free

  • next to the swimming pool (40 spaces)*
  • in front of the large school (57 spaces)*
  • next to the stadium (30 spaces)
  • behind the dormitory (24 spaces)
  • near the cafeteria and small school (30 spaces)
  • in the car park behind the cafeteria (30 spaces)

There are more than 200 parking spaces on our premises. The occupancy of each car park depends on the time:

  • during the day, you can easily find a space in the car parks near Tondi Street
  • the rest of our car parks have plenty of spaces in the evenings

*Please note! You can park in the Audentes car parks near Tondi Street for up to three hours with a parking clock. If you do not have a parking clock, you can use the parking meter in the lobby of the sports centre to register your time of arrival. The car parks are managed by EuroPark.

Please follow the general parking rules and signs. Parking is permitted only in designated spaces. EuroPark will issue a fine to drivers who park against the rules or without a parking clock or exceed the time limit. Vehicles in the way of others will be towed.