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We welcome our new student council members


Student council is an essential part of any school. The purpose of our student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and various projects. Student council members make the study environment more productive and engaging as well as protect the interests of the students. Moreover, they help share students’ ideas and concerns with the school wide community.

Our student council will help with students initiatives and help to create the environment where all members of a school community are supported and encouraged to make meaningful contributions to decision-making. In October the elections were held in our school. Students were voting for their favorites and we expected to have two students from each class to be selected. We all had been waiting for the results with great excitement and finally six students were chosen.

Our freshly chosen school board members are:
DP2 – Aleksander Pištšalkin and Günther Damon Jürgens
DP1 – Lena Oskay
Pre-IB – Nathali Lužkov and Mustafa Al-Jafar

Congratulations on being elected!

Student council work is not easy as it involves a lot of commitment, patience, dedication and time. Board members have to be respectful, open minded and fair, share and defend their views as well as be part of the team and listen to the views of others. The trustees will definitely manage and succeed as they are highly motivated and responsible. Hence, when our students are willing to bring any ideas, requests and feedback, they know who to contact and share their thoughts with.