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Visit to the CybExer Technologies


On September 22nd, DP-1 physics students accompanied by physics and TOK teachers, Agne and Rodrigo, were lucky to visit CybExer Technologies, the company that provides comprehensive cyber security training solutions to increase organizational cyber resilience. The company is trusted by many Estonian and international organizations and firms, such as Eesti Energia, European Defence Agency, and NATO. We got this opportunity thanks to our student Arina Sljusar and her dad Andrei Sljusar, who works there as a software developer.

Vice president of special programs Kristiina and technical presales consultant Deniss shared their knowledge with juniors about cyber attacks and how to remain safe online. Furthermore, our students, learned about new career options such as cybersecurity and software engineering, as the demand for competent specialists in those fields only increases. This kind of information is so significant for young people when they start taking their first steps into adulthood and begin thinking about the future.

Students have been shown a live cyber attack conducted by the company’s specialist Richard for studying purposes, who proved how easy is to control someone’s mobile device and take over it without the owner’s knowledge and consent. After the presentation, students received the tour office and got to talk to the employees about their responsibilities and tasks at work.

We appreciate the time which the workers illuminated to the students and the knowledge of such important things. Thank you for the great visit!

Arina Sljusar