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VALORE attended the Student Company fair in Tallinn


Every year Student Company fairs are held in Estonia which are organized by Junior Achievement Eesti. This year it is a special event as it has been 25 years since the first Student Company fair in Estonia. The fair was organized on February 12th–13th in two shopping malls in Tallinn – Kristiine and Rocca al Mare.

Our PreIB students also took part in this event presenting their fashionable clothes brand VALORE and were proud to win two awards – „The Best-Selling Strategy” and „The Biggest Revenue out of all Student Companies”! Our students had a chance to try out their skills in business, meet and communicate with wonderful, interesting people, and sell a lot of their products as well as establish business processes for the future.

VALORE is a students’ company from Tallinn, Estonia who wants to spread an important message. The company is made up from 5 students: Nathali Lužkov, Eva Smoli, Valerya Beloglazova, Triin-Jette Randal and Anna Vunš. Three members of the company Nathali, Eva and Triin presented VALORE at the fair on the 12th of February. Other students from PreIB Aurelia, Kazimir, Eva, Divia and Polina also joined in to encourage their classmates.

What does VALORE stand for? Valore means ‘value’ in Italian. The main idea of the company is that each person has the things that are the most important and valuable for him. Focusing on these things can make a person happier and stronger. VALORE company strives to help you discover these values and learn to use your powers to change your life for the better.
The company preaches self-love and acceptance while also being mindful about our planet and the environment. They sell 100% environmentally friendly and recycled cotton garments that are in reprocessed paper packaging. Wearing VALORE clothing will make you feel confidence and power while being comfortable in the super soft material.

VALORE company has achieved great success and their goal is to continue developing as they have a lot of plans and ideas. Good luck, VALORE!