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Uit Festival Tartu: exploring the city through the eyes of teacher Tetyana Kasima


Exploring the city of Tartu can be more than just observing streets and buildings. Teacher Tetyana Kasima shares her thoughts on the Uit Festival in Tartu, inviting readers to discover the hidden wonders of the city and the potential for urban transformation.

This year’s festival had a focus on “city breaks” – the transitional and seemingly purposeless spaces in Tartu that, at first glance, may appear useless but still hold their own value. Tartu residents, festival visitors, and curious wanderers were encouraged to see the city from a fresh perspective, exploring what emptiness means and how many spatial meanings it can hold.

The Uit Festival went beyond mere sightseeing – artists and architects created installations that transformed these forgotten places into playgrounds and art spaces. For instance, “Taburet” was an interactive installation that inspired people to find their suitable seat from a large pile of stools, offering a new view of the city.

The Uit Festival invited both locals and visitors to rediscover their hometown in a new way, revealing that even in places considered empty or forgotten, there is a story and potential waiting to be uncovered. Teacher Tetyana emphasizes the importance of considering the emotional connection of residents to the cityscape in its transformation and development, as well as preserving memories of places that might be destined to fade away.

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