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TOK Week


Last days of April were devoted to Theory of Knowledge. TOK is one of the core subjects of IB and can provide many interesting discussions to spark the learning in all of the subjects. It is also the transdisciplinary connection that will make links between different subjects.

Week stared with Human Sciences, where our History teacher Andrei and Study Skills teacher Maria hosted a movie afternoon. Students were watching and analyzing movie Amadeus. Tuesday was all about Mathematics. Our Math teachers Frazier and Peeter organized a Math orientation-game, where students had to puzzle with creative Math tasks and discuss the TOK links.

On Wednesday Language teachers came together to put up a poetry morning. The idea behind the event it to give everyone an opportunity to listen to poetry in its original languages, not only to approach poetry in terms of theme and form but also to listen to poetry, truly appreciate its sound without necessarily understanding the language. At the same time, the participants had an opportunity to compare how different languages sound if they came from the same language group. The diversity of the poems presented, helped to widen the perspective on literature in the most surprising ways. Not only it makes you want learn foreign languages, as was mentioned by one of the participants during the event, but also connect more to the world and culture through language. Language being the most flexible, surprising, researched medium of culture, gives an opportunity to think about the world differently while at the same time makes you realise that it is a common medium for all people to express themselves. All Students prepared a poem in their native language and were ready to share it during a creative library session. Altogether we had poems in 6 different languages-English, Estonian, Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Week ended with a day of Natural Sciences, where our Physics teacher Tanel and Biology teacher Karolin hosted a session about imagination and science. Session was followed up by creative science experiments done by Chemistry students with the help of our Chemistry teacher Anna.


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