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TOK: Imagination and Science


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited imagination encircles the world (Einstein).

One of the key factors for a successful 21st century citizen is learning how to use one`s creative potential. The last day of Orientation week was dedicated to that, more specifically to G4 subjects and TOK. We went to botanical gardens to practice scientific creativity and develop team-working skills. Students were working in smaller groups, where they had to design and conduct an experiment on their own choice. Experiments were ranging from wind speed investigations to calculations of average leaf closure of shy mimosa. Imagination has a huge role to play in making new Scientific discoveries and one of the core ideas in IB applied Science curriculums is to learn the skills necessary for conducting independent scientific research. From the observations this day one can say that most of Audentes Students do not have huge issues with imagination and they are able to use their creative potential in order to create something new and hopefully will end up creating something meaningful in the future.