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The Spring Exhibition at Kullo Gallery


In March the students of Audentes International School participated in the Spring Exhibition at Kullo Gallery in the Old Town. The exhibition took place from March 9th to 25th where 8 of our students from DP1 and DP2 presented their works of art. Every artist had a chance to show their several art pieces and on March 18th they proudly introduced their works to the audience being able to convey their thoughts and share the feelings about their masterpieces.

At Kullo Gallery the guests could enjoy the works of DP1 students Diana Vallejo-Hännalainen, Emily Vassiljeva, Elora Villemson, as well as graduating works of DP2 students Monika Blintsova, Aryna Dabraliubava, Elena Ivanova, Aleksander Pištšalkin and Anna Razdobudko.

Although the Spring Exhibition at Kullo Gallery has already finished we will continue enjoying marvellous works of art, and this time in our own school building. PreIB students are organizing an art exhibition where students from various international schools around the world are going to feature and demonstrate their art pieces.

Kullo gallery pictures