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The International School is entering a great summer


We are pleased to announce that the current school-year has been successful in every way for Audentes International School: our high school graduates have already received their diplomas and the school itself has received IBO accreditation for the next five years. And due to increased interest in our school, we have accepted two parallel classes of students into IB preparatory studies starting in autumn.

We received new IBO accreditation

The biggest challenge in the concluding year was passing the accreditation process, in the course of which we updated documents regulating the school’s activities, the school’s website, development plan and plans of action. We are glad that our school, which has been operating independently for three years, has received IBO accreditation for the next five years.

We received no criticism, but our school did receive praise for our atmosphere, empathy, teamwork and the soaring rise in our students’ results. The school’s technical support, support for mental health and thought-out plans for developing our programme were also acknowledged.

We are opening two IB preparatory classes

We are glad to see our school collective grow: new teachers and a lot of new students are joining our team in the next school-year. The number of students in the school will increase by almost 50% next school-year: we are opening two parallel classes for IB preparatory (10th grade) students and our student collective will grow to a total of 100 youths.

More than 80 students participated in the entrance exams. Starting autumn, 50 of them will be continuing their education in our school either in IB preparatory courses or in diploma studies. Every year we are especially happy for those students who are entering the IB at the Audentes private school. There are six of them this autumn. The new students come from other Tallinn schools and from elsewhere in Estonia, but also from far away places such as Japan, Azerbaijan and the USA.

Summer has arrived for both high school graduates and intermediate classes

The 12th graders have left behind their final school-bell, the stressful weeks in May filled with exams and the end of the year ceremony on the first Friday of June, when 11 of our high school graduates received IB diplomas. The school’s scholarship holders and several other graduates who had received outstanding results in their courses picked up a myriad of awards at the ceremony.

We wish these close-knit and artistically inclined students who are aiming to continue their studies in the fields of art, entrepreneurship, psychology and cyber security a successful path onwards!

By now the other classes have also finished with their exams, meaning the whole international school collective can now focus on enjoying their vacation.