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The future, independence and responsibility


Stefan Kerig, a first-year student at Audentes International School, which is 11th grade in a regular Estonian school, has previously studied in several Estonian and Australian schools. His life has also included several changes in residence, so he has developed a certain love of freedom. Stefan also considers himself a hard-working and ambitious person who is always ready to challenge himself.

Just the right school

Before coming to Audentes, Stefan was looking for a certain type of school. He wanted a school that would provide high level education, but at the same time include the freedom to focus on subjects he is personally interested in. Taking all of that into consideration, Stefan started attending the Audentes International School last autumn.

The international school’s language of instruction being English did not intimidate him. In fact, it encouraged him. “I grew up with the English language and consider it my native language,” explains Stefan. “I am glad to be able to spend most of my day communicating and thinking in English, even though I live in a non-Anglophone society. I see English as my way towards success outside Estonia.”

Studies are going extremely well

Stefan experienced no problems in adjusting to the environment in Audentes, as the students and teachers were very accommodating. Stefan is also pleased with his choice of subjects, his primary ones including English, German, visual arts, mathematics, physics and business administration. “These subjects complement each other and provide many opportunities in my future career,” he explains, adding, “The IB programme is definitely more intense than the Estonian high school curriculum, but it also provides more freedom.”

The school’s curriculum also includes voluntary work. For example, recently Stefan participated in a project where he was able to represent his school at the European Parliament in Strasbourg with his fellow students. “This was an amazing experience,” he emphasises.

Another advantage is the fact that the campus where the school is located at also includes a sporting centre that provides training opportunities for the students. “I appreciate this very much, as the mental and physical aspects need to be balanced,” says Stefan.

There’s no room for laziness

Stefan says that the three keywords of Audentes International School are future, independence and responsibility. When he started his IB studies, he realised how demanding the teachers and the whole IB curriculum are. “I had to adjust my lifestyle to keep up with the larger study volume. The school here is more like a university, and in that sense it really develops the student.”

In addition to the intense studying, Stefan as a former basketball player has managed to integrate sports into his life, including participation in international competitions. Every morning he practices before coming to school. He says, “At a certain point you realise that there’s no room for laziness here. If you really wish to benefit from the opportunities offered by the school, then you have to be in good mental shape. Representing the school at events, a good academic track record and considerable training are difficult, but achievable. You just need to have very strong discipline.”

It is true that Stefan now has less time for his social life due to his studies and sporting activities. On the other hand, he believes the sacrifice to be worth it: “When being admitted to the school, we as students realise that this is the key to a viable future.”

A multicultural school campus and a pleasant atmosphere

Stefan considers the diversity in nationalities and principles to be the school’s most important strength. “A large number of students come from various countries and bring together their culture and knowledge. Our teachers also have different cultural backgrounds. All of this enriches the school’s worldview and attitude towards life.”

Audentes’s study environment is very supportive according to Stefan: “The teachers have a personalised approach towards every student, which helps develop good relations between teachers and students, making interactions here much easier than in a regular school.”

Summarising his experiences, Stefan believes that Audentes International School is suitable for a student who wishes to dramatically increase his academic level and preparedness for university and is ready to make an effort to achieve that.

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