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The first Bake Sale was a success


The last week before school holidays is always the busiest one. Plenty of tests, closing up the school debts, and submitting the last essays. The very last days before the holiday are usually the most memorable at our school, the last two times we went to the art museum or had a party. This time we tried something new and organized the first Bake Sale at the Audentes International School.

Every desiring student could prepare something, and so we gathered a small company but with many different dishes for every taste. On the menu were such treats as cookies with milk and dark chocolate, cakes with strawberries and apples, lemon and blueberry muffins, brownies, banana bread, meat buns, blackberry sweet rolls, and even Indian sweets!

We spent lovely two hours together, listened to music, tried each other’s treats and, of course, accepted our dear customers, which were very many and in just half an hour, we sold most of the dishes. Honestly, no one expected so many buyers, but colorful posters over the school have played a role, and the sale went off with a bang!

Arina Sljusar Pre-IB