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Teaching and learning from other teachers


In our school, not only the students are the ones who study. Teachers must constantly update and learn new techniques and strategies to keep the teaching as good as possible. Our Spanish language teacher, Chema, actively participates in conferences throughout the Baltic countries. This year, he has been in discussions in Tallinn Riga and will also travel to Kaunas as a participant to learn from other teachers and as a speaker to share his materials.

„It is always a wonderful experience to meet other teachers from different countries and share experiences with them. We can learn a lot by listening to colleagues who might have prepared useful materials or had the same issues in the classroom”. Teacher Chema sees these events as something related to work and an excellent opportunity to share good practices and learn from others.

Teacher Chema is also a PhD candidate at the University of Burgos (Spain) and is constantly investigating and trying to attend every possible event for teachers that he can, all to learn and make better lessons for the students. In the VI Conference of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Tallinn, he presented the topic of teaching students with dyslexia, showing different approaches and techniques in favour of inclusive learning. For the IX International Conference of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Riga and the VII Forum of Spanish in Kaunas, he prepared different activities to improve real communication interaction and work on the student’s intercultural competence.