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Teacher’s Day celebrations


This year’s Teacher’s Day once again proved to be a fantastic day of fun, learning and competition. Our students and teachers swapped roles for a day and had many surprises in store for everyone. Teacher’s Day is an important day dedicated to all teachers. It is celebrated every year on October 5th to honor and recognize their contribution to education.

Traditionally, teachers and students in the graduating class switch roles on this day. This year we had the opportunity to switch roles and discover a different means of belonging to each other. Our teachers rediscovered the feeling of being students again, feelings they had once experienced and have forgotten since then. Instead, as if by magic, some students experienced responsibilities they had never felt before, perhaps even too heavy for their age.

Some DP-2 students took on the roles of teachers. Others had the opportunity to take on the roles of school authorities, such as the IB coordinator, who in real life belongs to Anneliis Kõiv but was led by Leonardo Becchetti, or the role of head-teacher, which belongs to Triin Meritam, but was led by Daniil Stepanov on that day. It was not only the role that had to be played, but the role that had to be worn with all its duties.

One impression of Teacher’s Day from one of DP-2 student: „I got to feel professional for a day, I loved teaching a subject I am passionate about, which is history. Giving advice about IB to new students was somewhat of a bonding experience, too. When I recall myself now, I realize how confused I was with all of these IB terms and what awaited me in the programme, but I hope that I managed to help my students for that one day.”

Of course, it was not easy to play the role of someone else, but the students did very well and followed the given path. It should be noted that the role of the students also pleased our teachers, so that some thought that a return to the past would not be so unpleasant.

On this particular day, when the roles were reversed, students from DP-2 along with students from Pre-IB and DP-1 attended several lessons from the curriculum given by the „teachers for a day”, following the lesson plan and topics assigned for that day. It was exciting to discover our students’ rhetorical skills and teaching skills, their knowledge of the topics, and the patience with which they fulfilled their roles.

At the end of the classes, the students organized a special hour for all IB teachers where they conducted a quiz game. The prizes were presented in the form of chocolates. A sweet prize sweetens the thought and softens the heart and so a healthy competition of equals reigned during this special hour.

The day was exciting and a funny. It gave everyone a chance to step into a different role, to see themselves as a different person. Teacher’s Day is not just a special day that is repeated every year, it is not a date or a commitment, but an opportunity for all students and teachers to get to know each other better and try to step into a different role.

The IB Coordinator for a Day (Leonardo Becchetti)