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Students visited Cleveron headquarters


While going to school is our favorite thing in the world, getting a day-off to study Business Management extensively and out of school with our favorite teachers comes as a positive relief sometimes. This is exactly what a group of DP1 and DP2 students did in November, by taking part in a day trip to Viljandi, the headquarters of an Estonian startup called Cleveron. This trip was meant as a way for students to get to use their newly acquired Business Management skills in the real world, by getting a chance to apply their newfound knowledge to the various business operations of Cleveron and their sister company, Clevon.

A quick background on the companies. Founded in 2007, Cleveron serves primarily as a designer and manufacturer of robotics-based parcel collection machines for the international market. Their products are made-to-order and are designed bespoke to the customer’s needs. Their customer base ranges from familiar names such as Smartpost and Itella, to multinationals such as Walmart and DHL. The company is currently majority owned by Posti Group, a Finnish post services conglomerate. Clevon on the other hand serves as an innovator of self-driving delivery vehicles. The company is in its early stages of development and is almost entirely funded by Cleveron and EU grants, but expects to start making profit sooner rather than later.

Upon entering the headquarters, students were greeted with a grand display of all the machines that Cleveron has on offer. We spoke with multiple employees about their roles and contributions to the firm, the company’s history and ambitions. We were truly lucky to receive a full tour of their HQ, and sneak peeks into places that would otherwise be off limits to the general public. Clevon provided us with the chance to drive their test vehicles and showed us live footage of their driverless vehicles being used by DHL.

We are grateful for the opportunity provided to us by Cleveron. We had an amazing time.

Stefan KERIG