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Student council elections


Anna (on the left) – President of the Student Council and Eva (on the right) – Member of the School Board
Anna (on the left) – President of the Student Council and Eva (on the right) – Member of the School Board

Recently, the student council elections took place and were marked by intense competition amongst five student candidates who presented unique ideas and ambitions. After a democratic voting process,

  • Anna emerged as the president, receiving unanimous support from the student council.
  • Audrey and Aaryan from pre-IB, as well as Kazimir and Divia from DP1, were also elected as vice presidents of the council.

The newly formed student council, consisting of nine brilliant students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, is now poised to tackle numerous challenges and seize new opportunities.

Over the next few weeks, the student council will support various events, such as open door week (March 27–31) and mental health week (April 3–7). Additionally, the council aims to

  • foster greater engagement with the student community,
  • listen to their concerns,
  • create new clubs and activities, and
  • improve the overall environment for students.

The student council would also like to express its gratitude to Karola and Keete from DP2 for their outstanding contributions and service throughout the years. As Karola and Keete prepare for their upcoming exams, the student council wishes them the best of luck.

In conclusion, the student council elections have generated a great deal of excitement and anticipation amongst the student body. The new student council, with its strong leadership and commitment to positive change, is poised to make a significant impact on the school community. By working together and collaborating with the student body, the council can create a more inclusive and vibrant school environment.