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Scientific event for students


Today we had special guests at our school who provided an exciting scientific event in Audentes School for all IB students.

Two scientists from Baltic countries Ilze Dimanta (PhD in biology), Els Heinsalu (PhD in theoretical physics) and L’ORÉAL Baltics representative Aija Miglane performed lecture and workshops regarding Science and science career. Our presenters were For Women In Science prize awarded scientists. The event aimed to promote science domains and encourage young kids to choose science domains.

The event took place in 2 parts:

I Lecture for students
During the lecture, two scientists Ilze and Els from different science fields presented their work, some significant facts, career steps etc. They focused on exciting details about their work. Ilze introduced to the students her investigation area: Hydrogen – perspective energy carrier, also described microbial fuel cells. Els shared with students her research interests about complex systems – ecological models, language dynamics and analysis, econophysics and diffusion processes and random walks (Brownian motion, anomalous diffusion) Citing Els position: “What will you do then when you do not work as a scientist anymore? – I do not know it yet, but I am rather sure that I will manage whatever job … Because already professor Peeter Saari told us that Even if you do not learn anything else during your studies of physics, you will learn how to read even the most complicates books.”

II Smaller interactive session
Students were separated into the two groups. Examples and discussion were held on biomaterials and on in physics … It was interactive sessions with a message about science career and opportunities. Some visible materials were shown to the students.
IB students were invited to visit both the Ilze laboratory at the University of Latvia In Riga and Elsi’s National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics in Tallinn. Precious are contacts that we have now.

Feedback from our students:
Henri: “I discovered that there are cars that can drive on hydrogen energy.”
Elisabeth: “I could see how the hydrogen energy system works and also learned about microbial cell energy, I haven’t heard about it before.”
Karolin: “I discovered that people who have PhD in sciences are working in politics, business etc.”
Sofia: “I discovered that big companies support women in science, it was enjoyable to hear.”

Anna Kikkas
Chemestry Teacher