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Roles swapped for a day


On Wednesday, October 5th, Audentes IB, as well as many other Estonian schools celebrated Teacher’s Day. This is the one day in the year where we all get to thank and appreciate the work teachers have done for us and spend this important day celebrating with a tradition: role swapping between 12th graders and school authorities.

Every year on this day, teachers can finally take a little well-deserved break and sit behind desks, while the oldest students get the exciting task of taking over authority responsibilities. 12th graders assign roles between themselves on what lesson they will take for the day, talk to the respective teacher and prepare a lesson on a topic following the curriculum.

So DP2 students had the chance to be the ones that need to make sure that everything is under control, get an experience on what it is like to be the teacher and lead a lesson, as well as, bond and have fun with DP1 and Pre-IB. On this day there were a variety of activities involved at study time. Between them; fun quizzes, acting games, documentaries, chemistry experiments, creativity development, philosophical topics and actual curriculum exercises on certain topics.

Visual arts students from DP1 also prepared an exhibition dedicated to the occasion. Where each of them selected a subject from the IB groups and illustrated it as a poster with a short sentence and a visual representation of the subject.

A DP2 shared his experience: „It was an interesting experience teaching English and Estonian ab initio. I was quite nervous at first but it was alright after the first five minutes. The lessons turned out pretty good and I had fun being in the teachers position. The students were active and participated in the lessons which made it more fun and easier to carry out the lesson.”

This was definitely a long-awaited day for the graduating class students. This day put to test the students’ abilities to carry out different types of tasks, such as, controlling a group, explaining a topic and making sure everybody has fun.

As mentioned previously not only did students take lessons from DP2’s, but so did the teachers. A lesson was prepared for them too. It consisted of a fun memory game, as well as quizzes and trivia about general knowledge.

Everybody seemed to have a great time. But it is important not to forget the reason for this celebration: to thank our teachers for sharing their knowledge with us, helping us be better and guiding us to success. Now it is the teacher’s question; What will our future DP2’s plan for us next year?

IB Coordinator for a day Diana Vallejo Hännalainen