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Outstanding results from our graduates


Although the studies have already begun this year, and our students work hard and are engaged in the learning process, we would like to mention our alumni who received their diplomas this year and moved on with their studies in various universities worldwide. This year the results were excellent. All our alumni were unique, and all of them managed to succeed. The success rate of IBDP awardees is 100%: they awarded seventeen students the full IB Diploma.

The successful students stood tall by registering an IBDP average credit of 33, and the average grade got at the school by candidates who had the diploma was 5,47, which is higher than the worldwide average what was 5,33. The highest quality in the exam was 7 in almost all subjects. The highest Audentes IBDP credits awarded were 44 out of the maximum 45. Excellent results led our graduate to UCLA, where she started her studies to become a neurosurgeon. Two more students credits were 40 – well done to all!

Audentes International School IB graduates will embark on their onward academic journeys to a wide range of universities worldwide and in Estonia. You can say hello to them at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), Twente University and Saxion University (Netherlands), University of Toriba (Latvia), University of Brighton (UK), Vilnius TECH (Lithuania), Hong Kong Polytechnical University and Estonian universities TalTech, EBS and Mainor.

We are happy to share the excitement of our graduate’s achievements, and we are very proud of them. Good luck and best wishes, our dear alumni!