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Our school receives European Parliament Ambassador School status


On Friday the 12th of May, student representatives from Audentes International School were invited to the first official European Parliament Ambassador School Program (EPAS) ceremony, where Audentes received a plaque commemorating our initiation into the program.

Throughout the 2022/23 academic year, students Stefan Kerig, Nathali Luzkov, Erik Kangur, Katherine Bergman, and Aaryan Srivastava actively participated in various Estonian and international academic events such as lectures, conferences, and multi-day trips to represent and speak for Audentes about various important topics. During these events, we would focus on topics pertaining to our abilities, where we could individually influence the outcome of the discussions, whilst at the same time ensuring that our school’s values and likeness were also represented. By the end of the academic year, we had forged positive relationships with various organizations, as well as strong friendships with schools from across Estonia. Subsequently, our active participation was recognized and the school was invited to join the EPAS program as an official European Parliament Ambassador School.

The EPAS program gives the school and its students’ significant opportunities in Estonia and across Europe. Due to the effort from these students, our school for years to come will be able to travel to various governmental and private institutions across Europe and Estonia to hone and develop themselves as young adults, as well as meet, consult, and debate the leaders who currently shape our world. This program acts as a chaperone to those who want to pursue political or humanitarian careers, and all students interested are welcome to join. The most active students are given various opportunities to represent not just Audentes, but Estonia as a whole at the international level.

Stefan Kerig