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Opinion Festival


On the 11th until 12th of august Opinion Festival will take place in Paide. Last year IB student Tuuli Helind participated with her topic and this year Elisabeth Alla will present Audentes School with her topic “School – place for happiness or not?” The aim of this discussion is to find out the reasons why students are unhappy from time to time and maybe even find a solution to that problem.

The idea came from a research where the statistics show clearly that the older the students are the unhappier they are at school. Elisabeth will be accompanied by the headmaster of the sports gymnasium Priit Ilver, the teacher of human sciences Kadi Aavik and ex-student of Audentes School Johanna Põldsam. The discussion will take place as a role play. The participants will get to be themselves and also step into the shoes of others.

I hope we will see many of you at Paide on the 11th of August 14:00–15:00 when the discussion takes place!

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Elisabeth Alla
IB student