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MOCKS ahead!


We are approaching the end of the school year! It has gone so fast, and it has been full of various activities, new experiences and undeniable knowledge acquisition. It has been a pleasure for teachers to be with their students and see them advancing and progressing each and every day.
Although it is the end of May and we are ready for summer, the students still have some hard work to do – MOCKS!

If you say the word “Mocks” to any student, you will see how their eyes begin to shine and some get excited, some get anxious in anticipation of their trial examination. Mock exams provide students with an authentic exam experience, build their confidence and maximise their performance.
DP1 and PreIB students are having quite challenging several weeks ahead. They have been revising everything that they have learnt, practising and preparing for some time and already next week they will show off all their superpowers!

Some students are pretty sure in their abilities and do not feel nervous at all. They have worked hard during the whole school year and now they are just peacefully waiting free from any disturbing emotions for the day to come. Others, however, feel that they are not completely prepared for the exams and believe that they could have studied harder before. Therefore, they are spending a lot of time learning and practising now.

It is not enough only to bone up, though. One skill that will help all students with succeeding in their mocks and real exams later is – time-management, which means that you must set goals correctly, plan ahead and prioritise wisely. You also need to ask questions from your teachers if there is something you do not comprehend. They will always help you and do their best for you to be more successful. Last but not least, do know what to expect in the exam, which means that some preliminary preparations and trainings definitely need to be conducted.

We really hope that students will get the most out of this year mocks, come to some conclusions and will apply all the knowledge, skills and practices in the future.
Good luck with your mocks, dear IB students!