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Mental Health Week focused on mental well-being


Our school organized a Mental Health Week (April 3rd–April 7th), which was a much-needed break for the IB students. The week was planned by the Student Council and psychology students under the supervision of the psychology teacher Jente. Together they did an amazing job of choosing a variety of activities that were fun and informative.

The educational presentations delivered by DP1 psychology students were a highlight of the week. They covered topics such as stress management, dealing with test anxiety, and effective study skills that are particularly useful for IB students. These small educational breaks gave the students practical tips and insights to help them cope with the challenges of being an IB student.

Apart from the informative presentations, there were also several creative and relaxing activities throughout the week. Destressing origami and drawing were popular amongst the students, and the nap break was a lifesaver for some. During the Mental Health week there was also the opportunity to try Qigong, a relaxation technique that helps release tension and reduce stress.

The gratitude board and compliment exchange was a unique way of spreading positivity amongst the students. It was heartwarming to see students express their gratitude and appreciation for one another and the school.

The Mental Health Week ended on a high note with a free day for all students. It was a great way to wrap up the week and give the students a chance to fully recharge. Overall, the Mental Health Week was a success, and a great opportunity for students to focus on their mental well-being and take some breaks away from studying. In the future, the school looks forward to organizing similar events to help students excel in the school environment.