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Last days of school


Time has passed and another school year has passed. 2021/2022 school year has already ended by now. The last weeks were full of various activities including both educational and entertaining ones. IB students have made it through all the tests, exams and mocks. They have received feedback from their teachers, enjoyed some final lessons at school, finished their Timeline project, had their last field trip this school year and starting from Wednesday all of our students are on holidays. The time when everybody will relax, and most will rest from homework and studying. Some, however, will start preparing for their next school year. But, what all of us will definitely do is – have fun and enjoy our favourite season, summer!

This year was undoubtedly a special year for everyone. DP2 students had their IB exams, DP1 had a go at their mock exams and PreIB dipped their toes into IB experience and are now ready to become real IB diploma students.

On Tuesday, June 14th, Audentes International students had a thrilling trip to Haapsalu with some teachers to explore the town and see breathtaking views, the magnificent freshly renovated Haapsalu castle and other attractions worth seeing. Haapsalu’s episcopal castle was founded in the 13th century and it is one of the best well-preserved fortresses in Estonia. It has been thoroughly renovated and open to public again in its full beauty. The students experienced a thrilling journey along the walls, where a picturesque view of Haapsalu can be enjoyed, as well as within the castle, where they could see and explore the structure of the castle and some ancient armour and other historical artefacts. In addition, students had a chance to visit and see some special places, such as Haapsalu Polar Bear, Tchaikovsky’s Bench, Haapsalu Lace Gallery, and many other memorable sights and destinations. It was a fantastic day full of emotions and new experience!

And now, when all schoolwork finished and the summer holidays have begun, we sincerely wish you to have a beautiful holiday full of sun, beach and sea, great landscapes and pleasant weather. We all did a great job and this is something worth honouring.

Have a fantastic summer!