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IB newsletter

Introducing History and Philosophy Clubs


Starting on 9 January 2016, Audentes will offer two new clubs for Pre-IB and IB students:  our History Club and our Philosophy Club. Jason Van Boom, who teaches History and Theory of Knowledge, is the advisor.

The History Club gives students an opportunity to explore their historical interests. The emphasis is on flexibility, freedom, and hands-on experiences. Students can also learn how history studies are useful for many kinds of careers, such as law, business, and journalism.

The Philosophy Club gives students a chance to connect their studies. Through casual and friendly conversations, we go beyond textbooks and let our minds roam. We can discuss topics from classes, but also from the news, popular entertainment, or our own lives.

History Club activities:
-Watching and discussing videos.
-Roleplay activities.
-Meetings (in person or by videochats) with professional historians in Estonia and also in Europe and North America. Also with professionals such as businesspeople and journalists who use history studies in their careers.
-Talks by people who have lived through important historical events, such as veterans, former prisoners, artists, and dissidents
-Field trips to historical sites and museum exhibits.
-Making explanatory displays on historical events and themes to put in Audentes hallways.

Philosophy Club activities:
-Afternoon teas for discussing philosophical topics.
–Meetings (in person or by videochats) with professional philosophers, as well as with specialists in other disciplines, such as physicists, mathematicians, biologists, anthropologists, and economists.
-Visiting startup companies whose founders are interested in philosophy.
-Watching and discussing videos.

To register for either of these clubs, please contact Jason at [email protected] by 20 December. Club calendars will be determined once we know which students are interested.