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International schools students’ art exhibition


Being creative and engaged, and also inspired by a fantastic art exhibition at Kullo Gallery, PreIB students from Audentes International School organized their own art exhibition where students from different international schools can exhibit their pieces of art.

Evelina Butovetskaya, Ceitlyn Pardla and Anna Vilnitskaja, who were in charge of this project, contacted and communicated with students from various international schools in Estonia. Altogether, students from four schools participated in the exhibition: Audentes International School, International School of Estonia, Tallinn European School and International School of Tallinn. Evelina, Ceitlyn and Anna met with students from other schools to collect their works. Some of the pieces were sent to them digitally and they printed them out. In addition, ladies presented their own works as well. The pieces of art may be seen on the second floor of Audentes School.

The organizers want to show how art unites students from different schools notwithstanding their nationality, age, and gender. Also, the idea is to demonstrate how different and unpredictable art can be and how talented the people around us are.