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Information about Coronavirus disease COVID-19


We thank all of you, who have taken the spread of the COVID-19 seriously and have remained at home for 14 days after travelling abroad to observe your health.

Here at school, we observe the hygiene measures even more closely: all the rooms are cleaned more thoroughly, and also the windows are opened more often for better ventilation—more frequent and thorough hand washing, couching and sneezing to the sleeve etc. Also, we have taken care of several prevention measures. We have installed automatic hand cleaning terminals in Schoolhouses, dormitory and sports facility cafeteria and lobby walls. Also, there are instructions, how to keep yourself and others safe during the virus season. The company offering the cleaning service is doing more thorough cleaning and disinfection, using disinfection tools on (doorknobs, toilets, etc.).

Students who have had signs of the possible infection are observed by schools nurse and sent home if it is needed.

We ask to be observant and to behave responsibly:

  • With cough, fever and difficulty breathing to stay home and contact your doctor;
  • While being in school, and you notice the symptoms, immediately contact the school nurse.
  • To remain at quarantine for 14 days if returning from abroad or being in contact with a person who has returned from the area, where the virus has been discovered. And monitor your health.

If your child stays at home and has been showing the symptoms, we ask that you would immediately notify the school.

The school is monitoring the situation. The school board has looked over the existing crisis plans and is ready to apple them when needed. Until there is no direct threat and suspicion, there is no basis for applying these extreme measures. At the moment, the school is continuing its regular activity. The school also follows the Health Board and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research directions. The most recent information about the virus is available at the Health Board website. You can find there how to prevent the infection as well.

Let’s try to stay calm and take action that is thought through. If it is necessary to apply more strict measures or extraordinary measures, we will notify immediately.