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IB Students visited the Student Firm Festival in Latvia


During April 4-6 2017 an International Student Company Fair took place in Riga where students from many countries took part (Turkey, Austria, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Malta, Israel, Bulgaria).

Many student firms took part from Estonia including handmade kama candy making Student Company Bite, which was represented by Audentese IB students Karolin Linamäe, Nicolas Moreno Cortes and Radhika Singh. They participated in the event in order to get experience in sales and teamwork as well as to make new contacts.

The Festival was full of activities and pleasant. Our youths arrived in Riga on April 4. They were assigned to teams and students were rotated in them. The students were given tasks which made them cooperate and relate to one another, complete the assignments and allowed the formation of friendships.

Wednesday was filled with sales work. In the early morning students company Bite students arrived at the Domina Shopping Centre and sold the goods until the afternoon. At a dinner in the

evening awards are presented during a ceremony. The return was on Thursday.
The events of the International Student Company Fair were well planned. Particularly interesting was the emphasis on teamwork and being given the opportunity to form friendships.