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IB students visited the chemistry lab at TalTech


On November 12th, our IB students visited TalTech chemistry laboratory, where they could conduct some experiments themselves and also observe experiments. Experiments shown to the students involved various cool reactions. Like turning a sugar cube to carbon black by concentrated acid. Or copper coin reacting with concentrated nitric acid and forming so-called „sugar worms“.

Later on, students were divided into groups to conduct some experiments themselves. Pre-IB students determined different ions (cations and anions) with colour experiments. Dp-1 students conducted acid-base titration to determine the unknown acid and the molar concentration of the base. Finally, Dp-2 tried to determine the water hardness by titration. Also, they were able to conduct different colour redox reactions.

Overall, they had fun by doing experiments, they usually could not do, and by that gaining some new insight into the world of chemistry.