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IB students at the National Public Speaking Competition


National Public Speaking Competition in 2019 organized by the English-Speaking Union of Estonia took place on March 14. It was aimed at young people who strive to achieve excellence in English and make an active use of the English language.

This competition gives students the opportunity to express their opinions to a young audience, who are facing questions about their own lives and their hopes for the future. Participants could interpret the chosen theme in any way they wish.

Audentes IB School was represented by 2 students – Erik Vunch from DP-1 and Lev Jakovlev from DP-2.
Erik’s theme was The Future of Work and the heading of his speech was ‘The Sea of opportunities’. Lev Jakovlev’s theme was Great Artists have no Country and the heading of Lev’s speech was ‘Great Minds have International Appeal’.

Congratulations to Lev Jakovlev who got the second place and was a runner-up!