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Healthy Smoothie Cafe at Christmas Fair


On the 3rd of December Audentes had its annual charity Christmas fair. IB set up a Healthy Smoothie Cafe. It was the first time for IB to participate at the fair.

Audentes Christmas fair is a long tradition. The profit from the fair has always gone for charity. IB Healthy Smoothie Cafe also gave most of their profit for the cause.

Pre-IB students Karolin Linamäe, Polina Kryvoshei and Kristjan Harald Karu offered different smoothies, cakes and sweets. They had such great success, that they ran out of two smoothies within an hour. People kept coming and at one point the queue was basically out of the door. But in the end it was all worth it and they would definitely do it again.

Their main sponsor was a company called 1tomato, who supplied all the fruits. This cafe could not have been as successful without their support.