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Guatemalan born guest lecturer Mr Julio Estansilao Cuc in pre-IB


A presentation was made to Audentes students on the Business model. It was acknowledged by the presenter that the main feature of this pre-IB Business Management course is based on the Junior Achievement Students Company program where student teams as part of their learning experience actually create their own companies. The presenter stated that the value of the program is that it helps students to clarify their business ideas. He had been invited to come to share his knowledge and experience with the method.

On Friday, 18th of November Julio Estansilao Cuc, gave an introductory lesson presenting the Business Model Canvas. He explained that this tool was developed by Alex Osterwalder and it is used by millions of people all around the World. It is a tool which helps to understand and visualize why what and how to satisfy a need or solve a problem. The lecture presentation was well conducted and received by the students. It stimulated lively verbal exchanges and fruitful discussion. The model and ideas shared were new and interesting to most students as they had not heard of the programm. Satisfaction with the presentation was evident.

After the presentation a student, Radhika, wrote: “In this lesson we discussed about our student company. We learned about business model canvas and made one for our company (Bite) as well. Business Model Canvas is a simple template describing nine elements which are: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, activities, key partners, cost structure. (…) I enjoyed working with this and being able to make a plan for our Students Company (Bite).”
Some days after his visit to Audentes Julio sent a message to the BM pre-IB teacher thanking for the invitation and the warm response to his lecture. He was particularly pleased after reading the summaries about his lesson written by many students. Quoting Karolin´s summary he said „I believe we achieved at least one goal „I got new thoughts and ideas on what to do next and how to proceed “

Born in San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, Julio Estanislao Cuc is PhD Candidate and lecturer of innovation management at Tallinn University of Technology. His main research topics are Business Model Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy. He used to teach entrepreneurship at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala. He has a master degree in Tourism and Environmental Economics from the University of Balearic Islands, Spain, and a degree on Business Administration from Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala. Besides his academic background he has entrepreneurial experience in tourism sector, and has worked as consultant in entrepreneurship, business development, business model and digital marketing.

Video: Business Model Canvas Explained