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Graduation ceremony for the Audentes IB class of 2018


On the 8th of June, we said goodbye to 10 graduates of the 5th graduating class of IB in Audentes.

2018 graduates are:

  • Elisabeth Alla (with honors)
  • Anastasia Cheburashkina (with honors)
  • Krystyna Chernykh (with honors)
  • Vladyslav Deboi
  • Martina Kroon
  • Maxym Koshchuk
  • Martin Parind
  • Henri Saat
  • Anton Tšernosev
  • Katarina Hein

The ceremony was held in the school hall with all of the teachers, parents and friends. Music was played by Tallinn Saxophone Orchestra and there was a performance by the Audentes Women Choir, singing a traditional South-Estonian song with the graduates class teacher, Margarita Hanschmidt.

We wish all the graduates happiness and good luck in their future!