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G4 project summary


Even though almost 2 months have passed now, G4 project is still something that needs to be discussed as it is one of the necessary parts of the IB Diploma Programme. Our G4 project took place on the 14th and 16th of March. On the 14th of March we visited Etäla-Tapiolan Lukio IB school in Finland and on the 16th of March they visited our school.

On the 14th of March our day started early. We had to be at the port already by 6:45, everyone were still a bit sleepy but the overall mood was positive. We even got to travel with Tallink’s newest ship Megastar and the place where almost everyone ran to grab breakfast was of course the Burger King. We reached the grounds of Finland about 9:30 and after some traveling through Helsinki we arrived to the school around 11 o’clock. There we met the IB students and teachers of that school. We got to know each other and they showed us around the school which was smaller than our school, but it was very cute. Then we all gathered in an art class for some ice-breaking activities and introduction. After that we got to work in assigned groups. We had to do an investigation based on at least one of the sciences we study in IB. Throughout the day we worked with the project and finished with the practical work at the end of the day. After we returned from Espoo to Helsinki and had some free time in the city. We arrived back to Tallinn 22:30.

On the 15th of March the students of the Finnish school visited Audentes. As they arrived later we didn’t have any time to show them around so we immediately got to work. We had to create presentations about our investigations and present our work. In the beginning we had some difficulties with the internet connection, but thanks to our IT guy everything got fixed. The day passed quite quickly and before we could even realize, the day had already passed and we had presented all the G4 projects and the teachers seemed to like all of them. Clearly we could see that all the students were nervous, because this was one of the steps required to achieve what we wish the most: the IB Diploma.