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Freshman week welcomed our new students


Even though our school is international and has a significant percentage of students coming abroad, our school still follows one Estonian tradition loved and awaited by many students. This happens every year in September in which the tenth and twelfth grades participate – the freshman week also known as foxes week among Estonian schools. This year freshman week occurred in the last week of September.

According to tradition, during this week, each Pre-IB student gets a mentor from DP-2 who will give them different assignments and challenges. These fun activities are considered a ritual every student must go through to become a high schooler. Usually, these are such tasks as dressing colorful and unusual, painting faces, and dancing to cheerful music. The main aims of the freshman week are to introduce students to the school and have fun starting the school year.

Throughout the week, our school community was able to observe Pre-IB students wearing funny costumes and the merry music was coming from school corridors. DP-2 students have done their job well and all of our fresh new Pre-IB grade students can now consider themselves high schoolers!

Arina Sljusar