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First schoolweek for IB students


Here is some information about the first week of your school year:

September 3:

11.00 Classroom teacher hour

  • Pre IB – room no 216, teacher Rodrigo Preciado Azcunaga
  • DP1 – room no 204, teacher Anneliis Kõiv
  • DP2 – room no 215, teacher Anu Petermann

13:00 Assessment Policy, Academic Honesty, School Rules, time management, IB Core – Triin Meritam, Anneliis Kõiv

14:30 The opening ceremony of the school at in the assembly hall of the main building.


The following is the tentative timetable for Orientation and TOK week:

September 4 (all of the students)
8:30 trip to Tartu

September 5
9:00–11:00 CAS – workshop (DP1 and DP2)
9:00–11:00 Pre IB – preparation to the School year
11:00–13:00 Extended Essay workshop (DP2 students and supervisors)
12:30 DP 1 and Pre IB Old Town tour. Visiting the Machines of Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition
14:00–17:00 Math Exploration workshop (DP2)

September 6 & 7
Regular lessons