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Estonian literature reading at Audentes School


On 24th of January, Audentes School’s IB team organized an English language  literature reading for teachers, local and international students, and foreign ambassadors.

For the occasion, the IB team chose translated works from Estonian authors who have lived and worked abroad and who have been influenced by their travels. Extracts from Tuglas’ short story “At the end of the world”,  Tammsaare’s “The Boy and the Butterfly” and Õnnepalu’s “Boarder State” were read out by a beloved actress Anu Lamp

Since the audience included people from different parts of the world, it was possible for them to relate to the authors’ challenges in a foreign country. The authors were chosen from different eras to take the guests to a journey through the Estonian literature history.

The idea for the event came from the  values of the IB Diploma programme, which embrace international-mindedness as well as learning about the local culture.