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English intensive summer camp for 8th -12th grade students


Inglise keele intensiivkursused_370x240_2016The IB learning department will organize a two-week English intensive summer camp for 8th -12th grade students.

We gladly accept students from Audentes as well as other youth in the same age range interested in the event. The camp will take place in August 15th- 26th on Audentes campus.

The students will have the opportunity to participate in their own language skillset groups. In each day there will be 6 hours of language training plus additional fun activities in Tallinn and elsewhere. The events include creating a theatre play, making a movie, making music and different activities in nature.

To be able to register to the summer camp, the parent must submit a signed application form. The payment will take place at the end of the camp based on the bill outcome.

The cost of the intensive English language camp is 365 euros, which includes:

  • Twelve day language course
  • Transport
  • Several tickets to different cultural events

And does not include accommodation (165 €) and food (137 €).

The camp will take place when there are at least 20 registered students.
For details, please call 53421090 or email [email protected].

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