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DP1 students ended the school-year in Niitvälja Golf Centre uniting wisdom, health and balance


Golf is a sport which requires time and commitment. In reward you can get positive mood, good companions and full enjoyment of your free time. Thanks to Nikki’s mother help DP1 students got an opportunity to have a challenging training with a nice coach Priit who taught them different golf skills and introduced golf playing rules.

Students learned the main values and virtues of golf which do not differ from IB values: honesty, respect, self-assurance, responsibility, courtesy, and determination. Students got to know what ’green’, ’bunker’, ’birdi’, ’putting’ and ’forecaddie’ are. Students were distributed 100 yellow golfballs in order to practise the right golf posture. Finally students had a mini competition in putting.

Sunny weather made the training absolutely pleasant. Sure that some of the students got ’infected’ with golf as well.