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Doing good for the fourth year in a row


For the fourth year in a row, the students of Audentes International School are leading the charity Christmas project „Christmas Miracle” together with Natalija Antonova, the head of the Pediatrics Department of Tallinn Children’s Hospital, and her daughter, Nataly, who is an alumna of our school and the initiator of the project. The charity action is dedicated to children fighting cancer at Tallinn Children’s Hospital. Our action will hopefully help bring a smile to the faces of those who have to spend their Christmas in the hospital unhappy, fighting for their lives.

Every year there are children who spend their holidays in hospitals. Many of them are fighting a particularly serious disease – cancer. Families struggling with such complexities need both moral and material support. We have been trying to do good for several years now – because we believe that even a little support, observation or a good word can make you feel good, even for a moment.
Dr. Antonova walks around the hospital during Christmas time as Santa’s little helper who collects the wishes of these children. Children, even if it is very difficult for them, still remain children who want to feel the joy, care and love of Christmas in one way or another. We make a small contribution to offer it to them.
For many years we have been raising money for a charity to give these children a Christmas present by giving them the Christmas gift they want on Christmas Eve. Students, parents and school alumni and teachers are involved in the project.
This project can change so much for some children and perhaps make them forget about pain and hardship for a while. Over the years, we have provided Christmas miracles to more than a hundred children. Reading what the children wanted, we were sad and happy at the same time.

Thanks to this action, we got an idea of what the job of Santa’s little helper means. 17 students, some teachers and alumni rallied in the downtown mall on Friday and Saturday to fulfill the wishes of all the children. We ended the shopping rally with a big gift-wrapping campaign.

For all of us who acted as Santa’s little helpers, the most sublime moment was when we finally took the presents off the car in the hospital lobby. We were moved when the head of our school told us what the children wanted for Christmas and how old they are.
This year, 21 children between the ages of three months and 16 years received a gift. Among the wishes given to Santa Claus were toy cars, legos, dolls, unicorns, art supplies, sports opportunities and much more.

It is good to do good. We truly thank everyone who contributed to making this project happen again. We will definitely want to support this project in the coming years as well.