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Board Games Day


On Thursday January 19 170 students from grades one to four took part in a Board Games Day in the Assembly hall. The purpose of the day was to introduce and propagate the idea that leisure time of the lower grade students could be filled constructively and entertainingly through learning about and playing a range of traditional Board Games without resorting to the use of electronic games/devices.

The students were divided into groups each consisting of four members. They could choose from among the following Board Games: Domino, Memory, Guess Who, Uno, Twister, 4 in a Row, Magic Colour, Star Magic, Jenga, Feeding Animals, Choco, Halli Galli, Pentago, Entertaining Toasts, We will rock you.

The Games Day was a success. Both students and teachers suggested that we make this event a tradition at Audentes. The younger students obtained the attention of older students and members of both groups could look forward to future friendly competitions, contacts and relations.

The Games Day was prepared for and organized by PreIB students Henri Uudeküll, Nicholas Cortes and Karolin Linamäe in the framework of Creative Project lessons. The Day was conducted by students from grades 10, 11 and grade 12 IB students Taavi Reisenbuk, Nikki Maasing, Kristjan Maasik, Kristjan Harald Karu, Ken Raudam, Jonathan Edur Ristlaan, Henri Saat, Martin Parind, Brit Alu, Elisabeth Alla, Katarina Hein, Martina Kroon.

The young organizers received positive feedback for their efforts from both students and school staff. The Games Day went very well. The students enjoyed moving about, thinking and playing the games as they participated in group activities. Both attention paying and cooperation skills were developed. It was a pleasure to observe students who are usually not particularly vocal or active participants take part and see them enjoy themselves and find pleasure in competing in the tasks of the games and forming relationships through the activities. Congratulations and thanks to the organizers!