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Back to school


The first school week has passed, and learning process has successfully begun. The Audentes International School family became even more significant this school year, and we are beyond happy to welcome all the new students and teachers and to meet pupils who are continuing their studies at our school again.

Many changes have occurred during the summer holidays. Firstly, the school is fast growing, this year we have a record number of students – the mark has reached 100. Additionally, we have many new teachers in chemistry, business management, psychology, mathematics, theory of knowledge, and biology. New faces come from Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Romania, Pakistan, Iraq, and Brazil. Furthermore, we have a new subject choice in the DP program – sports, exercise, and health science, and a new teacher teaching it.

On September 4th, students and teachers went to the Rakett69 lab to get to know each other and challenge us by conducting scientific experiments. We were able to have fun before the start of the school year and learn new things.

We wish all students and teachers a productive and fun school year!

Arina Sljusar