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AUDENTES PODCAST | IN ESTONIAN | The Birth of Living Knowledge. Why Shaping Them Is Important?


We invite you to an exciting episode where we delve deep into the world of knowledge and explore how knowledge actually comes into being and why shaping them is important. Our guest is Rodrigo Preciado Azcunaga, a teacher at Audentes International School and the coordinator of the Theory of Knowledge course, who will unveil the nature of knowledge and the secrets of its emergence.

Rodrigo emphasizes that knowledge is much more than just facts and information – they are living and evolving assets. Listeners are encouraged to be aware of their role in creating and shaping knowledge.

We come to the realization that we have a responsibility towards our knowledge and the opportunity to influence their formation and direction according to our needs. We also explore the complexity of acquiring knowledge, which involves external influences, communities, as well as the individual’s character and previous experiences.

The host is sports psychologist Kristel Kiens, who will guide us on this journey and help us understand how knowledge affects our daily lives and decisions.

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(in Estonian)