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AUDENTES PODCAST | IN ESTONIAN | Being Human: Empathy and Authenticity in a Multicultural Organization


In the episode of the Audentes Podcast, we delve into the topic of being human in a multicultural world. The guest is Anneliis Kõiv, the director of Audentes International School, who shares her thoughts on the importance of empathy and authenticity in an organization.

Anneliis and her team have created a work environment in which everyone can be their authentic selves, embracing the diversity of their multicultural setting. They understand that empathy and effective communication are essential tools for building strong relationships among individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

In the episode, Anneliis discusses her understanding of empathy and how it influences her work. She shares practical tips on being open, honest, and actively listening to others, helping them find the best solutions. The episode also explores how organizations can support individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

In this inspiring journey we explore how empathy and authenticity can transform the dynamics of a multicultural organization, leading to success and satisfaction for all stakeholders.

The podcast is hosted by mental skills coach and sports psychologist Kristel Kiens.

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(in Estonian)