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Audentes International School is growing steadily


As the Estonian saying goes, everything is new in September. We already knew in July that we would start this school year with the most students we have ever had. We carried out more than 100 interviews during the admissions period, 75 of which were conducted with students applying for pre-IB studies. We also carried out interviews with about 40 students wishing to continue their studies in the IB Diploma Programme.

Nearly 100 students

There were about 60 students who met the requirements of the pre-IB year programme. 32 students were accepted to the IB Diploma Programme, 22 of whom were pre-IB students. For the first time, the school opened two pre-IB classes for 44 students in total. There are 29 students in the DP1 class this year. Our small department has grown into a school with over 100 students and 21 teachers from 24 different countries. This diversity has created an interesting and unique learning environment. There are new students joining our multicultural family every year. This year, some of our new students have come from distant countries such as Japan, Nigeria, USA and Brazil.

New courses

The rise in the number of students has also led to changes in the choice of subjects. We have added an exciting psychology course to the IB Diploma Programme, which was one of the most selected courses among students this year. There are five new IB Diploma Programme students taking courses in medical sciences, six in humanities and arts, twelve in social sciences and six in science and technology. Apart from the compulsory subjects, the most popular subjects among students are business management and biology.

Pre-IB year students can take all of the subjects of the IB Diploma Programme. From this year, they can also study international relations and economics.

Focus on achieving goals

Last year, our graduates set even higher standards for exam results: one student scored maximum marks on their extended essay as well as achieved the best exam results in maths and physics.

Students are actively studying right now. We will submit the list of students taking their final examinations this year to IBO in the middle of November. Our senior students know the bar is set high in Audentes International School. To achieve great results, you need to listen, explore, discover, study and work hard – and then anything is possible!